STRIKE! Issue 19 AUTUMN 2017

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STRIKE! Issue 19—Radical Pedagogy

London Learning Coop Collaborative Issue


LLC Introduction
— London Learning Coop

Burning Down Vs. Building Up
A New Pedagogy for Punk
— Janey, Dream Nails

Radical Listening
A Manifesto
— Soofiya Andry & Sarah Hempstock

The Wealth Test
— London Learning Coop

Thriving Not Surviving
School, a Survival Guide
— Sky Caesar, Georgia Moona-sam & Dhelia Snoussi

Austerity and Education
— Julie Tomlin

Education Is Racist
Because Society Is Racist
— Amit Singh

The Assignment
— Fred Moten

We Are Us and You Are You!
— Art Assassins

White Mirrors
Racism in Children's Literature
— Amiya Nagpal

A Green-eyed Monster Eternally
Killing the Vibe
— Savva Smirnov

Sex-ed With Misha Mayfair
Ten Tips for Mind-blowing, Consensual,
Feminist, Eco-friendly, Non-heteronormative, Queer Sex
— Misha Mayfair

Compulsory Politics
— Jack

I Was a Twenty-something
Anarchist Nanny
— Ina Fever

Housing After Grenfell
— DPG & Deptford Debates

Garden_lab, a Blueprint
— Assembly Se8

Know Yourself, Know the City
The Architecture of Cedric Price
— Luke Gregory-Jones

Prison Education and It's Potential
— Luke Billingham & Lee Humphries,
Haven Distribution

My Education Inside Amerikan Prisons
— Comrade Malik