STRIKE! Issue 18 SUMMER 2017


STRIKE! Issue 18: The Body As…


Policing Sex Bodily
Autonomy in the War Against Pornography
—Misha Mayfair

Rhythm and Matter
In Praise of the Dancing Body
—Silvia Federici

Black and Transgender
The Art of Body Sovereignty Beyond Eurocentricity
—Khaleb Brooks

Gynepunk Manifesto

Cyborg Witches
Decolonising Gynaecological Technologies
—Liz Parsons

Politics of the Body
On Valie Export's Syntagma
—Juliet Jacques

My Body and the Village People
—Selina Thompson

Invisible Woman
Henrietta Lacks
—b Perk

—STRIKE! Video

Fuck Passing
Class, Respectability, and Trans Healthcare
—Morgan Potts

The Assessment
Mandated Misunderstandings in the Benefit Medical Centre
—Christopher Wilcock

Routine Destruction
—Architectural Workers

A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity
—Noah Kelley

A History of Contraception
—Helena Blackstone

The Politics of Birthing Bodies
—Lady Stardust

Invisible Labour

A Statement from This Body
—Travis Alabanza

Direct Action
Who's Body Is on the Line?
—Resist & Renew

Lessons in Anti-Apathy
—Liv Wynter